OJSC Belarusian Autoworks is a major world manufacturer of mining dump trucks of heavy-duty and super-size load capacity, as well as the other heavy vehicles, being used in mining and construction branches of industry.

All achieved by BELAZ within 60-year old history is the result of implementation of the enterprise main policy: the fullest satisfaction of the customer’s needs, with which Belarusian Autoworks has long-term effective cooperation.

Main customers of OJSC Belarusian Autoworks products are CIS mining companies, mainly from Russia and Ukraine. In the Republic of Belarus the market for mining dump trucks of 30-55 ton. payload capacity is limited in their usage only by few extractive companies, in which quarries we carry out trial runs of our equipment. The supplies of dump trucks are maintained mostly to the markets of far-abroad countries.

Main customers of  BELAZ:
Mogilev Autoworks named after S. M. Kirov MoAZ was founded in 1935. Since 2006 the plant is a subsidiary of OJSC BELAZ. It is one of the eldest machine-building enterprises in the Republic of Belarus and the largest producer of construction and road-building, underground and specialized equipment on the territory of CIS countries. Equipment of trademark MOAZ is widely used in construction of roads, especially in the environmental conditions of Siberia and Far East in Russia, landfill operations for multiple well platforms at oil-gas fields, in mineral resource industry, uppermost at field development of underground deposits, for construction of hydraulic engineering structures. More than 85% of all the enterprise products are delivered to Russia and CIS countries.
Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant Closed Joint Stock Company "Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant" was founded by decision of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee on April 14, 2005 and registered in Uniform State Register of legal entities and is the only one manufacturer of freight railway rolling stock in the Republic of Belarus. MVZ is specialized on production of the following freight railway rolling stock.
Starodorozhski Mechanical Works The plant was founded in November 1972 as a subsidiary of Minsk Kalibr plant at the area, fitted for production of parts for Kalibr plant. The Company is a commercial organization, possesses separate estates, independent balance sheets and its stamp. The Company is carrying out a program on production of spare parts for OJSC BELAZ. In support of this program production shops of the Company are being fitted up with additional equipment. The enterprise carries out metalworking (blank preparation, turning, milling, grinding, cold-forming, die-stamping, locksmith works); part molding from polymers, parts pressing from thermosetting plastics and compounded rubber, which weight ranges from 1 g to 1300 g. It manufactures products purposed for industrial engineering, as well as 29 items as consumer goods. The products are sold independently to commercial organizations of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to the customers, who order the products for production and technical purposes.

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