BELSHINA – one of the largest in Europe, producing more than 300 different sizes, models and standard layer tires for cars, trucks, heavy trucks, road-building and industrial machines, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery.

About 90% of tires produced at the plant – radial. All kinds of products (pneumatic tires) are patented by two parameters: design and appearance.

BELSHINA was the first tire plants in the CIS countries and has mastered the beginning of mass production of all-steel truck tires.

The Company includes: Giant Tire Plant, the plant mass tire, OTR tire plant, mechanical works, other units required for the organization of production and marketing, and social facilities.

State of the art equipment companies, qualified staff, the introduction of advanced science and technology, high culture and organization of production ensure the high quality of products.

Given the requirements of the market and the latest achievements of the tire industry, experts of technological and design services companies are constantly working on updating and expansion of the product portfolio, improving their quality.

Reliability and endurance of Belarusian tires have won high reputation among domestic and foreign consumers.

The main customers in the domestic market are the largest enterprises of the Republic: BELAZ, MAZ, MT, MWTP, RUE Gomselmash, JSC Amkodor and others.

BELSHINA maintains mutually beneficial relations with 65 countries. The company's products are sold not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

The main objectives of the Company are: high-quality production that is not inferior to foreign analogues, in accordance with the requirements of customers, expanding the range of tires in line with consumer demand, attracting new customers by optimizing merchandising, creating its own distribution network and using marketing tools to promote products in the market, getting profits to meet the social and economic interests of the staff and the owner.

Strategic objectives BELSHINA are: maximum end-user satisfaction in the domestic and foreign markets; increase export sales and retention shares BELSHINA on the tire market countries and abroad, raising the efficiency of export sales, consolidation of society's image as a reliable partner and the largest producer of quality of tires.

The Company pursues a flexible pricing policy and take measures to reduce the cost of production, constantly conducts marketing research for a comprehensive market study and analysis of the qualitative characteristics of products.

For his contribution to the economic development of the republic and its integration into the world economy, with high quality and competitive products company honored with international awards, "Arch of Europe" and the "Golden Globe". From 2001 to 2006, the production was awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at the annually held in the framework of the exhibition "Tires & Rubber" in Moscow competition "Best automobile tire on the roads of Russia."

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