CHETRA – a trademark of Russian equipment for industrial, municipal, road-building and logging purposes, produced by enterprises of the holding Machinery & Industrial Group N.V.

Today, the national brand CHETRA represents reliability and power of the equipment produced in Russia. Products under the brand CHETRA defends the interests of Russia, engaging in fierce competition with other international brands.

Technique CHETRA quickly gained recognition in the market. It was used in the construction of major infrastructure projects today, including the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean, Sakhalin-2, the gas pipeline Blue Stream, Vankor-Pur-Pe, Fixes-Gryazovets.

The brand with the Russian character showed their strengths in the construction of large industrial sites, ports, development of deposits of minerals, laying pipelines and other projects in 40 countries. Technique CHETRA great demand in Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Mozambique, Syria, South Korea.

Innovative image of the domestic brand CHETRA supports the development of specialized design bureau holding Machinery & Industrial Group N.V., as part of research and development program for the production of new, competitive products.

In 2010, the first time in Russia has developed and implemented a functional monitoring system tractors. Machines are equipped with telematics CHETRA terminals with integrated GLONASS, so in real time, you can track the location of the machine, the speed of its movement and condition: fuel, emergency pressure and temperature in the engine and transmission.

For the smooth operation of the organized specialized service company that provides after-sales service and repair of vehicles produced by enterprises of the holding, and the training of operators and service engineers.

Implementation of the Russian equipment CHETRA benefits the consumer through a combination of high consumer qualities of machines, spare parts and a developed system of service.

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