KAMAZ Group is the largest automobile corporation of the Russian Federation. OJSC KAMAZ ranks 16th among the world's top heavy truck manufacturers. The authorized capital of KAMAZ makes up RUB 35.36 billion. The largest shareholdings belong to the state and commercial banks.

The single production complex of KAMAZ Group embraces the whole technological cycle of truck production – from development, production, assembly of vehicles and auto components to marketing of finished products and service maintenance.

The group of the process chain includes 12 large automobile plants. The following enterprises are located in Naberezhnye Chelny: Metallurgical Complex (a foundry and a forge plant), Engine Plant, Press and Stamping Plant, Automobile Plant, Repair Instrument Plant, Industial Park Master, and Remdiesel. The largest associated companies outside Naberezhnye Chelny are JSC Neftekamsk Automobile Plant and JSC Tuimazinskiy Zavod Avtobetonovozov (the Republic of Bashkortostan), Trailer KAMAZ Inc. (Stavropol).

To date, KAMAZ Group includes over 150 organizations located in Russia, the CIS and the far abroad. About 55 thousand people work in departments and associated companies of OJSC KAMAZ.

KAMAZ produces a wide range of vehicles: trucks (over 40 models, more than 1,500 kits, right-hand vehicles), trailers, buses, tractors, engines, power units, and different tools. KAMAZ traditionally positions it self on the market of trucks of 14-40 t GVW. For the last years, the range of the company’s production has considerably increased. The manufacture of medium tonnage vehicles was mastered, the line-up of high payload vehicles was extended.

KAMAZ has got assembly enterprises in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India. Vehicles are fully assembled of components delivered from KAMAZ. The company implements programs to localize the production of details and units of vehicles assembly sets in the countries where assembly enterprises are located.

The marketing and service network of KAMAZ embraces all Russian regions and the CIS, and also traditional outlets. In 2011, KAMAZ continues actively developing its commodity distribution and service network in Russia and overseas. As of October 1, 2012, the dealer network in the Russian Federation numbers 198 members: 68 3S dealers (sales of vehicles, spare parts and service), 37 2S dealers (sales of vehicles and service), 45 1S dealers (sales of spare parts and service), 48 1S dealers (only service).

The technical maintenance system is based on the principles of a united style and maximal approximation of services to customers. The service network is developing in two directions – building of new service centers and reconstruction of existing ones.

When working with dealers, the company follows a special document "The guide for dealers of OJSC KAMAZ" which stipulates requirements for them. Certification of dealer and service centers in accordance with "The guide for dealers of OJSC KAMAZ" enables to ensure a single service format and authorized dealership recognition, formalize requirements for the organization of the dealers’ key business processes.

Realities of the post-crisis economic space and strengthening of cooperation with KAMAZ's strategic partner, Daimler, made it necessary to approve "The Strategic Development Program of KAMAZ OJSC for the Period Until the Year 2020" in December 2010.

Implementation of the Strategic Development Program of KAMAZ OJSC is ensured by coordinated performance of the business units’ strategies and the key functional strategies, the system of planning and implementing the annual business plans, the introduction of KPI at all the management levels.

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