MAZ is a brand that has won recognition of its vehicles not only in Belarus but also far beyond. The production of Minsk Automobile Plant is the equipment meeting requirements of Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5 eco-standards.

Fifth-wheel tractors, drop-side trucks, chassis under installation of various special equipment roll off the assembly line under oMAZo trademark. In total over 500 models. Minsk Automobile Plant has been producing vehicles for passengers since 1995. Its city, inter-city, coach and special buses are fully functional on different routes all over the world.

They were honored with awards for design, functionality, quality and durability at the international automobile shows and specialized exhibitions many times. Today MAZ passenger vehicles are presented by 15 models of over a hundred modifications.

MAZ vehicles are the challenging embodiment of innovatory engineering ideas, implemented in the high quality equipment. Modern design along with high performance specification allows MAZ vehicles to occupy a steady position at the international engineering market and compete with the world producers.

Quality improvement of the output product takes on enormous importance in the industrial process. For this purpose the work on technical upgrading is being conducted on a continuing basis. The team of highly qualified professionals works hard at the quality of MAZ vehicles day by day. Every element of production process is carefully thought-out and aimed at the achievement of maximal result.

During its history Minsk Automobile Plant underwent many ordeals but was able to retain its tradition of endeavoring at perfection creating reliable quality vehicles for life.

OJSC MAZ provides the following services: various kinds of works on repairing and rebuilding heavy trucks and light vehicles; auto cranes technical servicing and repair; surface preparation for coloring and coating; welding and repairing works, lathe, grinding, mechanical, milling works; spare parts manufacturing according to customers’ drawings and blanks cutoff; metal fabrication; spare parts and materials thermal and surface impregnation; passenger and cargo transportation; laboratory researches and tests of metals and materials; manufacturing products for a summer cottage; specialists professional development and enrichment; family vacation and health improvement; medical services on a paying basis; non-liquid output (thermo electroplating industry).

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