Automobile plant "Ural" is formed in 2001 as a result of restructuring industrial complex UralAZ. The company is part of the GAZ Group and is a major asset in the structure of division Trucks. The division also includes located in Miass Chelyabinsk region Social Complex LLC. Director General – Victor Hristoforovich Corman.

URAL is the leader of the Russian market of all-wheel drive trucks, occupying about 45% in this segment.

The main distinguishing feature of the family car URAL is the high terrain. The ability to move on the road provided a powerful engine, the special design of major bridges, centralized control of air in the tires and a number of other features. Cars URAL can move on virgin snow depth up to 1 m wide trench up to 1.2 m, move the vertical wall height of 0.55 m fording depth of 1.75 m Miasskoe trucks operate efficiently at ambient temperatures from - 50 °C to +50 °C, have high maintainability and designed for bezgarazhnoe storage.

Based on the chassis of the URAL several hundred samples are mounted equipment: shift buses, cranes, trucks, fuel trucks, fire trucks, repair shops, a variety of units for oil and gas and timber industry, mining, and utilities. Family of vehicles URAL has a high degree of standardization for aggregates and components, which reduces the cost of maintenance and operation.

Automobile plant "Ural" produces: all-wheel drive off-road trucks with 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 capacity from 4 to 20 m; road trucks for use on paved roads with 4x2, 6x4, 8x4 capacity from 9 to 25 m – tractors, trucks; shift buses based on the four-wheel drive vehicles "Ural" 4x4 and 6x6 (for 22-30 passengers), vans, based on them, including equipped with a hydraulic crane.

Car plant URAL is constantly working to expand the range. Since 2005, successfully entered into a new niche for themselves road trucks. The mass production of cars such as tractor Ural-63674 (4x2, gross combination weight of 42 tons), truck Ural-63685 (6x4, load capacity 20 tons), dump truck Ural-6563 (8x4, load capacity of 25 tons ).

Since 2007, manufacturers have started to actively implements development of production machinery based on road cars URAL: boom trucks, short log trucks, truck mixers, metallovozov, with-tipping trucks, tankers and other.

In 2010, the serial production started a new cabover rotational bus Ural-32552-3011-59 4x4 and car high payload Ural-6370 (6x6, gross weight 33.5 t, load capacity 20 tons). In 2011, URAL designed rotational bus air suspension, which provides increased softness in rough terrain.

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