Organizations that are part of the production association Plant named after Likhachev.

Ryazan Avtoagregat ZIL Ryazan Avtoagregat ZIL was built and began operations in 1971 as a branch of the Industrial Union of ZIL. The main products of PAA is a modification of the leading rear and middle axles, front axles, driveshafts, and hot stamping parts. The company has a good technology base and advanced equipment. Forge PAA originally was one of the largest in Russia to produce diverse range of hot forgings and stampings, and after the transfer in 2010 of forging production area with the head of the Moscow ZIL in PAA, its capacity doubled. Production of the plant comes apart parent ZIL other plants automotive industry and machine-building enterprises.
Penza plant Avtozapchast Avtozapchast – is one of the oldest plants. In the postwar years the company has specialized in the repair of agricultural equipment, then the plant was mass production of automotive pistons for engines ZIL-130 wheel and brake master cylinder for GAZ-51 and GAZ-52 and sintered valve guides for engines Zavolzhskogomotornogo plant. The structure of the production association ZIL company joined in 1976. The plant produces six titles pistons supplied JSC "ZMZ" the assembly of engines for GAZ, ZIL pistons for engines, steering traction on the whole range of ZIL and PAZ, drive distributor. The ignition and steering column for ZIL, kits for engines ZIL-130 and ZIL-375. Attention is paid to the direction associated with the release of the brake pads to the ZIL.
Petrovsky plant auto parts ZIL Petrovsky plant auto parts formed by decision of the Government of the USSR in December 1944. Company is the sole founder of AMO ZIL, who made a capital contribution in the amount of 100% and made the decision on the establishment of the Company. Pursuant to the reform program ZIL decided to completion of construction at the industrial site of ZIL work cell area of 4000 sq. m. to accommodate the pressing-welding and assembly production platforms. For further development of production and increasing the volume of production in 2008, the construction of a new production unit area of 3456 sq. m.
Roslavl Auto Aggregate Plant CJSC Roslavl ZIL Automobile Unit Plant – the largest rapidly growing machine-building complex for the production of automotive components, and the town-budget-deal. In March 1964 it was decided to organize the plant Avtozapchast – branch ZIL. In 1981, the plant Avtozapchast was renamed to Roslavl Auto Aggregate Plant, and in 1994 the plant was closed joint stock company Roslavl ZIL Automobile Unit Plant. Today, three main production plant: mechanical assemblies and normals, brake equipment and high pressure fuel pumps are available in six industrial buildings with a total area of 220 thousand square meters.
Smolensk Auto Aggregate Plant In 1959, as a result of his association with the plant Avtozapchast originated Smolensk engineering plant, which began production of specialized gear boxes for trucks ZIL. In the process of increasing capacity easily went development of new products. Received a strange and complicated at the time the equipment: semi-automatic, modular and specialized machines. Introducing new technology heat treatment: carbonitriding, hardening HDTV and others. Besides transmissions manufactured the sawmill and woodworking machines. A milestone in the history of the plant was its inclusion in 1974 in the association ZIL and the subsequent rapid expansion. In 1983, a new building area of 35 thousand square meters. With the development of such a large production area had to deal with a completely new task of building capacity for the manufacture of modern units (including 9-speed gearbox to the diesel vehicle ZIL-4331). This brought the plant to a higher level of technical development of products of high complexity. During the period from 1995 to 2008, the plant produced more than 40 modifications combined and universal road cars based on the chassis ZIL, MAZ, KamAZ.
Kashira foundry Tsentrolit Open Joint Stock Company "Kashirsky foundry Tsentrolit" was founded in 1963 as Kashira State Union Foundry Tsentrolit. The factory is specialized in production of shaped castings of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys for various applications. The product range includes more than 500 items weighing from a few grams up to 1,500 kg. JSC "Kashirsky foundry Tsentrolit" constantly expanding its activities, developing new and more complex castings customers. Implemented in the company of almost all modern methods of casting: the permanent mold and pressure in shell and single sand molds. Commercial production of castings made of gray and ductile iron with spilled channels. Combining the latest technology with the maximum use of all that has paid off in the past, we can meet all the specific requirements of our customers.

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